Will Speck Memorial 5K
Sunday, June 17, 2018
Will Speck Memorial Track @ Cranston West
Safety Plan
​The Will Speck Memorial Race follows the below Safety Procedures:

In the months prior to the race, our team has ongoing discussions with members of the Cranston Police Department (CPD), Cranston Fire Department (CFD), Cranston DPW and RI DOT (as part of the course is on state roads) to ensure that we are in compliance with State and local regulations and to discuss personnel that will be needed on race day.  Fortunately, our race committee has not suffered from attrition and this consistency has made the process of coordinating the race very efficient.

By 7:00am on the day of the race, teams are placing EMERGENCY, NO PARKING signs, supplies by CPD along Phenix Avenue, Metropolitan Road and Meshanticut Lake.  The CPD was instrumental in determining placement of the signs.  By 7:30am, teams are setting up the barrels and cones along Atwood Avenue between Wayland Avenue and the traffic rotary on Cranston Street.  The conses are set up per the recommendation of the CPD and create a runners only lane (right travel lane) while automotive traffic is limited to the left lane.

By 8:45am, our race team meets with members of the CPD who will be providing traffic control.  The race committee pays for a portion of the detail with the CPD providing additional on-duty officers.  During this meeting, we review streets that will be blocked off by CPD personnel.  Less trafficked streets are monitored by race volunteers.  A police cruiser leads the runners for the entire race, while a CFD rescue squad follows the final runners.

During the race, there is ongoing communication between CPD, CFD and members of the race committee, as a member of our team is riding in the lead police car.  During the race, the officer in the lead car is in constant communication with the other officers to ensure that they are properly situated.  The officers are also providing communication relative to any potential traffic issue they are observing or whether there are any injuries requiring medical attention.